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Ingenieria Dasein is an engineering centered services company, specialized in procurement, fabrication and construction of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and software solutions, we offer integrated and sustainable services for client’s complex and challenging tecnical projects as well as direct support to create or improve existing maintenance departments.

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Our Values

MISSION: To provide technological means and services to accomplish sustainable solutions for client's assets and needs.

VISION: To be recognized as a world class company for providing sustainable services and solutions to our client's needs.


Part of what we offer...

Procurement Services

We do it for you, let us find a solution for your task...

Engineering & Design

Construction, Electrical, Mechanical, Software...

Commissioning & Turnover

Repair your equipment..

Construction Services

We handle your construction project for you...

Mechanical and Piping Services

Ask for our mechanical services...

Electrical and Instrumentation Solutions

We count with a group of experts on the electrical field and automation..


Part of what we have done

Impresora Teofilo

Editora Corniel

Impresos Multiples S.A



Know our staff...

Leandro Perez

Partner and business representative, specialized in electronic security and instrumentation. Have worked in the industry for more than 15 years, providing services and solutions for complex projects and critical applications.

Alejandro Restituyo

Partner and business representative, specialized in electrical and software solutions as well as process automation. Have worked in the industry for more than 16 years, managing installations projects and developing solutions for complex projects.


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Houston, Texas, US

+1 346 341 4739 (USA)

829 523 7507 (Dominican Republic)